A powder room by Rubina Ratnakar

A powder room is basically a bathroom that is designed for the guests who visit your house for dinner or to spend some quality time with you. It is different from a guest bathroom as your guests are not planning to stay there and all you need to do is provide them some privacy to use your bathroom without getting uncomfortable. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some tips for designing a powder room for all the lovely people visiting you.

When you visit someone’s house for dinner do you feel the awkwardness when you have to use the bathroom and you have to go to their bedroom or other living areas? Well, it is really kind of uncomfortable. It is better to have a place assigned for your guests leaving the basic setting of the house undisturbed. A powder room will make the guests feel comfortable.

It is suggested to have a powder room a bit away from the area where all the family is dining. It is a matter of privacy and comfort. Try to build a powder room, if possible, not in sight of the living area. If the circumstances are unavoidable and you have to choose a powder room near the living and dining area, you should invest in a soundproof and properly ventilated setup.

A powder room is a bathroom but it doesn’t need a bathing area. It is just for the use of the people visiting you occasionally. All the equipment you need is a washbasin and a toilet seat. The other decorations are totally up to you.

Invest in a good bathroom mirror and place it over the washbasin. Try to add some drawers or a cabinet under the washbasin so that it can hold the stuff needed. You should have ample space for a person to change and especially for the ladies to take a quick look at their makeup. Provide the bathroom with all the sanitary and necessary supplies that a normal bathroom holds.

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